The best dog joke ever 

Woman takes her dog to the vet because it’s having hearing problems.

The vet says “Its because it has so much hair in it’s ears. Once a month, get some Nair and spread it in it’s ears, it’ll keep the hair growth down.”

Sure enough the woman goes to the pharmacy to get some Nair, and whilst she’s trying to find it the assistant comes over and helps her.

“Here you go madam, it’s here. And remember, if you are using it on your legs don’t wear tigh*s for a couple of days as it can bond them to your skin”

“Oh no” says the woman, “I’m not using it on my legs.”

“I see,” says the assistant “in that case don’t use your deodorant for a few days as it can irrit*te your under arms”

The woman glares at the assistant with a weary look and says “If you must know, it’s for my Schnauzer”

And the assistant says “In that case don’t ride a bike for a week”